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Galloglass Book Four

Wow, what a year 2016 has been. I have waited until And Behold A Pale Horse was out before letting you, the readers know, what has been going on. I had a small scare with the big "C", cancer that is. To make a long story very short, it was diagnosed in its early stages and I had a portion of one of my kidneys removed. No sympathy please, I was very fortunate and the prognosis for my ongoing health and recovery is outstanding. The operation and recovery took the wind out of my sails for a time. It also made me evaluate a number of things. One of those "things" was what I do for a living besides write. I have been involved in education as either a teacher or administrator and coach for 34 years. It was time to step back and move on to another phase in my life, so I retired this past December. As in all things, there is a period of adjustment. The idea of having time to myself is rather unusual. On the other hand, I can now devote myself to writing full time. And so my friends, I will continue with Galloglass.
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